The BonFeu BonBiza

Unleash your culinary creativity with the BonFeu BonBiza—the ultimate outdoor cooking fireplace. Combining the functionality of a barbecue with the finesse of plancha baking, it promises unparalleled culinary adventures.

Choose between two styles: the cozy warmth of the enclosed standard design or the expansive view of the open style. Available in two captivating colors—weatherproof brown-rust Corten steel in BonBiza Corten or the timeless charm of naturally aging steel in BonBiza Black—match your outdoor aesthetic effortlessly.

Premium Planchas & Grills

BonFeu Planchas and Grills aren’t just tools for cooking – they’re the heart of your outdoor kitchen. Whether you’re a pro griller or just starting out, our focus on quality, versatility, and innovation makes outdoor cooking easier and more enjoyable.

We know outdoor gear needs to be tough. That’s why our Planchas and Grills are made with strong materials, so they last through all kinds of weather and keep cooking up great food for years to come.

Recipes From Fire Foodie

Full English Breakfast on the BonFeu BonBiza

BonFeu BonPizza – The Perfect Outdoor Pizza

The BonGiro BBQ Experience

Grilled Tomahawk Steak on the BonFeu BonBiza Fireplace

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