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Panchas & Grills

BonFeu Planchas and Grills are more than just cooking equipment; they’re the heart of your outdoor kitchen. Whether you’re an experienced grillmaster or a novice chef, our commitment to quality, versatility, and innovation will enhance your outdoor cooking journey.

With BonFeu Planchas and Grills, you have the freedom to explore various cooking techniques. From perfectly grilled meats and vegetables to delicate plancha-baked dishes, our products empower you to create culinary masterpieces that impress and delight.

We understand that outdoor cooking equipment must withstand the test of time and the elements. BonFeu Planchas and Grills are constructed with high-quality materials to deliver consistent performance while adding durability to your outdoor culinary arsenal.

SKU: VGR6.1200


SKU: BPR3.400G


SKU: VGR6.1000


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